Colin Powell, Castine Selectperson

October 1, 2017

Dear residents of Castine,

I am asking for your vote on November 7, 2017 for the privilage of becoming your next selectman.

Responsible governance does not appear out of thin air. It does not show up because we want it. It is the hard work of dedicated individuals who are passionate about their town.

As your next selectman:

I promise to be a passionate supporter of Castine and all our shared friends and neighbors.

I promise to be relentlessly optimistic about the future of this town, and to uphold the vision statement crafted years ago to make this a thriving year-round commuinity.

I promise to be responsive and responsible to you, the citizens of Castine.

And most of all, I promise to listen carefully to your ideas, concerns and desires.

In order to do all those things, we need more participation in local governance. We need people to feel that they are listened to, whether action is taken or not. And decisions need to be communicated in as many different ways as there are people in our town.

I am committed to raising my family in Castine, and hope that you will join me in helping make Castine thrive.

Sincerely, Colin Powell