Colin Powell, Castine Selectperson

November 10, 2017

Had a nice introduction to the MMA Board of Trustees this morning. Town Manager Jimmy Goodson notified the Board that Dave Unger had finished his tenure on the selectboard and that I was stepping into the role. I received a warm applause and good conversation after the meeting adjourned.

I also had a fascinating conversation with Trustee Bob Peacock from Eastport about the impact of the two major hurricanes in Texas and Florida on the restaurant and food distribution industries, which is the focus of his company. Amazing to reflect on how interconnected our world has become and how storms can affect seemingly unrelated parts of our lives.

I think the same observation extends to our town, and I think that as we embark on improving the state of rental property in Castine, we should do so in concert with property owners so we can minimize the unintended consequence of changes to town policy.