Comprehensive Review

Colin Powell, Castine Selectperson

August 28, 2018

Would you believe it’s been almost ten years since our town’s Comprehensive Plan was approved and put into place? While it might not be read very often, the document itself is an impressive piece of work put together by a volunteer group working for years and I personally think we ought to take some time now that we’re outside the scope of the document and reflect on what’s been done, and what’s still to do.

To that end, I’m personally going through the document right now and making notes with each specific challenge or goal, and comparing that with what’s actually happened. This has been an enlightening process, to say the least.

The second piece of this project is to re-convene the committee that drafted the original document to prepare a report for the selectboard and the town on how the Comprehensive Plan has been implemented. I’m not sure yet whether there will be actionable items resulting from this process, but I could very easily see some low-hanging fruit, or chance to quickly catch up to our goals as a result.

More than anything, I’m hoping that as we embark on other projects like improving broadband internet access, repairing infrastructure, or improving the backshore, that we are doing so from a long-term perspective. There are few more reckless ways to run a municipal government than through being short-sighted and not looking at the long view. I intend to be in this town a decade from now, and I expect the town to be here a century from now. We owe to our children and all who come after us to plan as best as we can for the future.