Setting goals for your select board

Colin Powell, Castine Selectperson

November 16, 2018

Would you believe our current comprehensive plan was draft nearly a decade ago? I remember covering the committee drafting that document as a reporter for the Castine Patriot, and being in awe of the commitment to our town that those folks were making. So you can imagine that it’s was with some disappointment that I discovered how rarely the current select board uses that document to help drive the day to day business of the town. Nine years is a long time ago, but a number of the issues outlined are both still relevant, and largely unaddressed.

I spent that last few months combing through that document and pulling out what seemed to me the most important, and least addressed parts of our plan. My hope is to use this process as a jumping off point for setting goals for the select board for 2019 that are aligned with documented issues in our town, and help to move us beyond our comprehensive plan to truly be a year-round, thriving community that values our heritage, village character and natural beauty.

The plan calls for the select board to support:

  1. Affordable housing,
  2. On-neck senior housing,
  3. Regional housing ventures,
  4. Improving sidewalks,
  5. improving bicycle-friendly roadways,
  6. Developing a comprehensive investment plan,
  7. Develop contingency plan to respond to removal of healh care services,
  8. Invest in shellfish restoration,
  9. Develop an Impact Fee for new town developments

As part of encouraging our board and the town to take these issues seriously while we still have a comprhensive plan, I will be running a blog post series looking at each issue in detail to see what has been done, what can be done, and what should be done. Stick with me!

Also, happy first snow day of 2018 ☺️